Bryan NgalekaAbout Bryan Ngaleka


I am a Malawian man born on 23 January 1985.


I am the second-born son of a family of six children. My parents are Malawian. We are from different districts with different tribes.

My father passed away on 11 November 2001 and we were raised up with women.


I completed my secondary education but was unable to continue at university due to financial problems.


On 7 October 2008, I was employed to work under the Ministry of Health as a Health Surveillance Assistant. 

On 23 September 2015, I was appointed to work as a Tuberculosis Officer at the district hospital to deal with the tuberculosis disease at all district health facilities.


Apart from working as a Tuberculosis Officer, I was born with a skill of drawing as a designer. When it comes to the drawings this is the part I like very most in my life.


Life in Malawi is very tough and difficult to make it. 
I get approximately $138 dollars as my monthly salary which is about $4.6 dollars per day.


My goals are to travel to the USA or UK and to inspire others in Africa to follow me in a career path of drawings and design.